Determining Authenticity of NetEnt Slots

NetEnt slots have a mass appeal in the market. Rad more about how the slots work at NetEnt.

NetEnt has been around for two decades involved in production of cutting edge and innovative casino products available at . Furthermore, the software developer has a wide variety of slots ranging from video slots, 3D slots, classic slots and 3 reel slots among a host of many. We take a look at how the software developer achieves fairness.

How Does NetEnt Ensure Fairness?

NetEnt has a long line of techniques for ensuring fairness which each of the slot game such as at . Each time you place your bet on the slot machine, you are assured that the results are completely random. This is because each of the slot machine comes with a random number generator.

A random number generator is a code written in the system of the slot machine. It functions by releasing a series of random numbers that translate into random outcomes. Therefore, when you spin the reels, the results from the slot machine are completely random and not predetermined thus ensuring high level of fairness.

  • Slot machines are different from one another
  • Each has its own RNG

Return to Player Rates

Another way that online casinos do to ensure fairness with their slot machines is through the return to player rates. Each casino games comes installed with a RTP percentage from the software developer. The RTP helps a player know how much they can get from a slot machine when trying out a game.

RTP refers to the percentage which is payable to a player after finishing all rounds on the table by the house. The result of the RTP is from use of mathematical formulas. Therefore, a player is fully aware of how much they are to get from a particular casino game with the house edge.

Volatility of Slots

Related closely to the return to player rates is the volatility of slots. Volatility refers to the risk level that comes with a particular casino game. The risk level attached can be calculated closely to determine the extent of winning of a particular game by the player at the NetEnt online casino.

There are two types of volatile slots when playing a casino game. The first is the low volatile slots that have a low risk level for each of the casino game. The second is the high volatile slots that have a high risk level with each of the casino game that promises high returns.

  • High volatile slots benefits players
  • Low volatile slots benefits house

Licensing and Regulation Information

Before an online casino starts to operate in a regulated market, it must acquire the necessary operating license with the regulatory body. An operating licensing means that an online casino has meet all the required legal information and international standards. Before receiving the licensing information, the online casino must fulfill a set of requirements regarding fairness.

NetEnt is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission to offer gambling solutions in regulated markets. The operating license also ensures that players receiving the highest level of fairness when playing at a registered NetEnt casino. The UK Gambling Commission carries out the assessment of the RNG of the various casinos.

  • RNG are tested and approved
  • RNG can't be altered by player


Why You Play from a Legit NetEnt Casino?

There are many benefits of playing from a legit NetEnt casino that reflects on your game play. First off, you can rest assured that your winnings are always intact. There is no way the house can play foul to rip you off. Secondly, you have the chance to try out your luck with the slot games.

Slot games are purely a game of luck. Therefore, you do not need to have a gaming strategy to have fun while at it. The game fully depends on your luck since the outcomes are purely random. Lastly, legit NetEnt casino offers free trial versions for each of the available games for players.

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